Viral Hysteria

It didn’t take long for the illness to spread.

Tiny Cuts

Yelling suddenly broke the smooth pace of the day. A man pushed his way to the front of the line. He wasn’t holding anything, but he was looking directly at Kristen. 

Grave Digger

“Gravedigger, come dig my grave for me,” I whispered as I held the razor blade over my wrist.


This wouldn’t be the first time cold metal would pierce my skin.

Blind Date: PT 2

The flashing red and blue police lights reflected off a pool of  blood  on the porch where an officer, now covered in blood, was standing.

Some Where Across the Sea

 Rachel was shaking. There was a pool of blood on the floor below the dangling arm. And Layla was right, her eye was open.


Since the dance floor was in eyesight of the bathroom we thought what’s the big deal. Only, fifteen minutes goes by. The Warrior is talking to one of his buddies where we left him on the stairs.

The Fae's Talisman

“Please try not to bring attention to yourself.” Jason warned me swiping his key-card getting us into the building.

Tinker Bell's Tears

The bar had more smoke in it than usual that night. But James still saw a tiny, shiny, flicker coming from a stool on the far end.

Seven Days

I clung to his waist squeezing as tight as possible. There was no way I was going to be separated from him during his leave, not even once.

Salty Dog

I was thankful that I brought my riding jacket with me. The crew all called me the ice queen after Jasper's saw my arms covered in goose bumps during the melting heat. 

Don't Tread On Me PT 1

The thunder cracked as the lightning illuminated the night sky. The Storm was right over us and if this dry lightning kept up we would for sure be facing a brush fire.

The Escape

Screeching tires broke the sounds of main street. Headlights rushed towards my car. I swerved to the right, running over flowered bushes, praying that whatever idiot behind the wheel would gain control. 

Road Trip

The sun started to rise giving them a welcoming warmth that the early morning was missing. The girls traded their sweaters for sunglasses and finally found hair ties at the bottom of their beach bag.

Molly's Unicorn

I was a rider. A hunter. I ran with the fastest of warriors trying to protect what was left of their lands. No one believed me. 

Blind Date: PT 1

“You’re a fairy,” he said.


I almost choked on my water. Was this guy serious?

Daily Devotional

I’m alone tonight. Everyone else is too fearful of what lurks in the shadows, but I was told I could be healed if I found the church. The Vatican had even confirmed its powers.

Don't Tread On Me PT 2

Lighting twisted through the skies. Thankfully there were no signs of tornado. It was something strange to run indoors from the rain.

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