Pet Peeves

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Apparently I’m only allowed to pick five for today’s writing exercise. I’m not really a people person and when I am around a group of them there are many things that just make me want to retreat back into nice safe space of my home.

So here are my top five from

5.) Shirt tucked into the back of someone’s pants. My husband knows this and will do it on purpose to drive me crazy. He loves to just walk slightly out of my reach and point it out so I can’t fix it. I have been known to quickly walk behind a stranger and untuck it. Either tuck in your shirt or not...don’t do this weird half tuck stuff that looks like you got too excited when you we’re leaving the bathroom.

4.) The toilet paper roll. There is only one way to do it (unless you have a kitten and that is almost not even excusable) and it is as the picture shows... everyone else is wrong and you just want to watch the world burn.

3.) The color orange....I’m not talking about the fruit, I have a huge amount of hate for the abomination that is bright fluorescent orange. I will not eat artificial orange candy and avoid orange soda. The fakeness in the flavor and colors just turns my stomach. In high school and college any time I got an orange pen, highlighter or mechanical pencil I gifted it to one of my friends. I have no idea where this disdain comes from but it’s there and it drives me batty.

2.) I hate the word conversate. I feel like it’s a lazy and improper word. You either have a conversation with someone or you have conversed with someone. Anytime I hear it used I have to refrain from correcting the person because I don’t want to be that asshole. But you bet your sweet ass I’m yelling in my head that’s not the right word.

1.) Mouth noises from food i.e.: chewing, slurping or mushing. When I eat dinner with my friends and family I need music or the T.V. on. I can’t stand to hear people eat and that includes myself. I have lost my appetite before because of how someone eat their meals. Until recently I had always thought it was just the crunching sound from hard foods or snapping of gum that make my skin but recently I have discovered that’s not the case. Now that everyone is eating avocados I have learned that the mushing sound is probably the worst thing ever. I hate hearing people eat. If I see someone with an avocado or bananas nearby I prepare myself for the worst or I leave the room. I really can’t function correctly if I spend all my energy trying not to lose my mind on some poor person who is just trying to eat.

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